“Every life has a food story, and every food story is unique.”

– Laura Shapiro

Here at Fort Lauderdale Psychology we understand the connection between an individual’s relationship with food and overall health and well-being. Whether you have been struggling with disordered eating for years or you are interested in learning more about wellness, you can schedule a meeting with our Registered Dietitian. Nutrition services will be tailored to your individualized needs, while providing you evidenced-based information and experiential opportunities. Below you will find a list of our nutrition services:

Initial Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition sessions begin with an initial nutrition assessment. This session will introduce you to nutrition work and help Alyssa better understand your personal goals. During this session you will review your medical and nutrition history and identify treatment goals.

Follow Up Session

Follow up sessions are scheduled to provide continued support with active attention on your identified goals. Here, this is an opportunity for us to delve further into your relationship with food and movement. Each session may look different and topics discussed are tailored towards your individualized needs.

Meal Support

Meal support is offered as an adjunctive service for clients struggling with eating disorders providing exposure therapy for fear foods or food experiences.

Experentials- Mindful Meals/Grocery Shopping/Cooking

What better way to apply the principles learned in session than putting it into practice? We offer opportunities for meals, grocery shopping, and cooking demonstrations. Apply skills hands on in order to making lasting change.