Consultation & Evaluation


New Clients

If you have made it to this page, we want to thank you in advance for your consideration in perhaps allowing us to assist you or your loved one(s) in one of the most profound experience an individual can attend to in their life.  Specifically, this is the journey towards greater personal insight, behavioral change, and personal growth.  Our years of clinical training and experience have taught us that truly hearing the request of the person coming to us for psychotherapy and the match between therapist and client are essential to the course and forms of treatment we provide.

Types of Clients We Treat

Our clients are some of the brightest, most creative, hard working individuals we know who look to us in order to assist them in eliminating unwanted behaviors, to improve their clarity of mind, and to better their relationships with self and others.  Currently, Fort Lauderdale Psychology accepts clients who are a wide array of ages, 14 years of age and up.

Brief Phone Consultation

Should you need more information regarding Fort Lauderdale Psychology, beyond what is contained on our website, we welcome you to schedule a free 15-minute phone call with Dr. DeLeo.  During this call, she will do her best to answer any questions you may have regarding the practice, to identify your personal goals for treatment, evaluation of therapeutic needs, and to ensure goodness of fit between provider specialties and your personal goals for treatment.

 Professional Consultation & Supervision

Fort Lauderdale Psychology, P.A. provides professional consultation and mentorship for practitioners looking to enhance their knowledge base and skills.  Supervision for Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns and Psychology Residents looking to pursue outpatient practice will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Here at Fort Lauderdale Psychology, we hold those that taught us and guided us to this point of expertise in the highest regard while only hoping that we may do the same for professionals coming up in the field.